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Is Your Career Search By Default or By Design?  Quite often, it also becomes the conduit to self-doubt and eroding self-esteem!  Realize that your journey does NOT need to feel this way.  Combine confidence, strategy and tactics intended to ‘present, match-make and sell oneself’ to a prospective employer, and you now have the ingredients for a successful and efficient career transition journey.

Finding oneself in Career Transition is frightening, stressful, uncertain, and unprecedented for many of you.

Regardless if your employer downsized, merged, consolidated, closed, filed bankruptcy, or let you go–any of these scenarios place you in a situation that you did not invite into your life.  After the shock wears off, you are left with emptiness, anxiety, resentment or anger and above all, ongoing fixed monthly financial obligations and responsibilities.

The Career Strategist™ is the ONE you want to enlist in order to not only uncover and rediscover the career that you were meant to have, but to guide you and strategize with you regarding HOW to obtain it!  There is no judgement, only encouragement, and a laser focus to direct you towards your ultimate dream position!  There is NO time to procrastinate–take action–and schedule a call with the Career Strategist, today!  Your ideal position is out there waiting for you!

Diane (The Career Strategist) is outstanding! Career coaching is most often a matter of getting the most out of your background and skills in the forefront and allowing you to be properly evaluated by recruiters — resume formatting, LinkedIn and job platforms, interviewing, etc. Diane does all that with great skill, but she goes way beyond that, presenting a highly effective strategy for approaching prospective employers. Her attention to detail includes very specific and actionable tips for the entire job-searching process.

Paulo-Columbus, Ohio

“I want to thank-you so much for presenting at Jewish Family Services. You are such an impactful, resourceful and empowering individual and I am grateful that you speak to our job seekers. They enjoy your presentations and the follow-up discussions, and everyone always leaves the room in an uplifted mood!”

Malka Bendor / Career Workforce Development, JFS

I am so happy that job seekers have an opportunity to absorb your positive energy and to be challenged to Think Out of The Box. Your presentation and content were educational, creative and right on the mark!”

COPEC-U Attendee

“My Bio definitely had an influence in the process of receiving and accepting an offer for a full-time contract position. Writing it, reinforced my professional value proposition. Thank-you for your amazing presentation.”

L. Jander

“For anyone seeking career advice or job search strategies, Diane is the “Go To” person.  She deeply cares for people and is a respected, trusted and experienced professional, guided by her personal faith.  Diane’s example has helped shape many of us into the professionals that we are today.  Without a doubt, you can entrust your job search and career strategies to Diane Wingerter.”

Adele Busch / ASB Business Services, LLC

“Diane is an excellent Leader and Writer.  She has an entrepreneurial mindset like no other.  I highly recommend Diane for assisting you in branding yourself whether it be for job search purposes or redesigning your business profile.”

Christina Smith / Coldwell Banker Realty

“I highly recommend Diane Wingerter, The Career Strategist. Diane has mentored me and I have seen her present to large groups. She has great content, wonderful ideas, and is very innovative in her approaches. You will learn a lot from Diane!”

Dana Vogelmeier / Vogelmeier Consulting, LLC

“I really appreciate Diane’s insights and concrete numbers, such as how much time to spend with each contact and how long to expect the job hunt to take.”

CTI Member

“Your Entrepreneurial Spirit is admirable and the quality and quantity of information you give to others is delivered with genuine compassion.  You sincerely want other individuals to succeed and for that, I thank-you!”

COPEC-U Attendee

“Your book came into my life at the right time!  It provided me the insights to value my transferable skills along with the importance of prayer and self-confidence. Many aspects of your book gave me the confidence to think outside the box and to accept a position which is a great fit for me!  Thanks Diane!”

Randi / Venetia, PA

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