Resolve the “HUNTING” 2 “HIRED” Quandary


5-Week Individual Consultation Series with The Career Strategist™

The purpose of the process is simple….to find your dream position as quickly and intentionally, as possible!  Utilizing Diane’s proprietary strategy, will we prepare, select, plan, execute, follow-through and analyze throughout the entire career-search process!

The 5-Step Consultation Series is a weekly series designed to arm you with the strategies and tactics you need to evolve from HUNTING to HIRED in the most efficient timeline possible! There is NO time to waste! Contact The Career Strategist™ today!

The 6-Step Career Strategy Process™ Group Consultation Series

From Preparation to Post-Interview Follow-Up & Analysis

Learn the Process—as We Uncover Strategies & Tactics—so You Go From Hunting 2 Hired!

Consultations are via ZOOM. Consultation Series Comprises 13-Hours of Time with The Career Strategist in a GROUP Session. (Min 3, Max 6 Individuals)

Complete this simple exercise.

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Step 1: Write down the Annual Salary of the five COI’s which you identify as the key individuals with whom you spend with majority of your time communicating with, meeting with and collaborating with on a professional level.

Step 2: Add the five salaries together.

Step 3: Divide the total by five and you will uncover your annual earning benchmark.

As the saying goes, if you want to be a Millionaire, surround yourself with Millionaires! Talk with Millionaires, read about Millionaires and study the strategies and tactics of Millionaires.

The first step is to believe in yourself and believe that you deserve this level of success. The second step is to work intentionally toward this goal, and you too, will land in the Millionaire Club!

If you are always the smartest person in the room or the wealthiest person in the room, then find a new room!

Get out of your comfort zone, challenge yourself, educate yourself, read books, take courses, watch webinars, attend seminars, study and keep learning! Stagnation and complacency will become your demise, both personally and professionally.