Meet The Career Strategist™

First and foremost, let’s define her characteristics.  She is empathetic, genuine, intuitive and compassionate towards ALL human beings!  Additionally, she possesses an inspirational and creative manner of strategizing and influencing others to get out of their own way and to make things happen.  There is a huge difference between knowing WHAT needs to be done and knowing HOW to go about doing it!

Diane Wingerter, The Career Strategist™, lives and breathes strategy, specifically as it relates to preparation, selection, planning, execution, follow-through and analysis.  Her methods of operation are proven, consistent and applicable in all aspects of both Career Transition and Entrepreneurship.  She is the Author of the book ‘Hunting2Hired. The Unprecedented Career Guide—Encompassing Strategy & Faith’

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The Unprecedented Career Guide Encompassing Strategy & Faith

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Diane Wingerter, The Career Strategist, career strategy, job search, career transition

Throughout Diane’s corporate success, she obtained the positions of Store Manager, Senior Store Manager, Certified Training Manager, District Manager, Midwest Regional Recruiting & Training Manager and ultimately Vice President of Operations & Human Resources, prior to launching her chain of 17 specialty-retail stores and subsequent 9 Business Enterprises.  What connects the dots along this journey????  It comes down to PEOPLE, STRATEGY, TACTICS and RESULTS.  She is excellent at working with PEOPLE and developing individualized STRATEGIES and TACTICS to guide one to the RESULTS they are looking to obtain. 

“I experience a wonderful feeling of fulfillment when I observe my client’s transformation from fear and uncertainty to embracing their new foundation built upon self-esteem, pride and confidence.”

Now you are thinking, “Well that all sounds great, but how does this benefit me?”  Diane is ‘in the business of identifying and recognizing passion and talent’ as demonstrated throughout her   success with hiring salaried (and hourly) personnel throughout the course of her corporate and entrepreneurial endeavors.  In fact, she is blessed to have said, “Welcome Aboard. You can start next week!” to over 1,900 individuals. Since Diane is fully versed on what Hiring Managers, Talent Acquisition Professionals and Human Resource Professionals want, she is the one to prepare you and strategize with you so that YOU become the one sitting in front of the decision makers, for an interview. 

While Diane cannot interview for you, she can assist you in preparing for the interview and arming you with key questions to ask, in order to skyrocket you to the top of the candidate list.  Being memorable (in a good way) and top-of-mind at the conclusion of the first interview are two tangible results you need to achieve. She will also provide you with post-interview tactics, so that YOU stay top-of-mind and receive the offer you have been dreaming to accept. Diane will tell you from her heart and soul, “I experience a wonderful feeling of fulfillment when I observe my client’s transformation from fear and uncertainty to embracing their new foundation built upon self-esteem, pride and confidence.  I can see it in their eyes!  Together we have completed the journey of going from Hunting2Hired™” 

Services Include

• Resume Writing
— Crafting a powerful resume from scratch

— Review and revise an existing resume from ordinary to extraordinary!

• Persuasive Career Bio & LinkedIn Profile–Done For You!  
— 120-Minute Interview (Conducted in-person or via Zoom) 
— 24-hour turnaround (Emailed to You the Next Business Day)
— LinkedIn Profile Updated and Edited for You within 48-hours (Your Career Bio & LinkedIn Profile must be consistent with the same messaging)

• 5-Week Individual Consultation Series (Includes the Persuasive Career Bio, LinkedIn Profile, and Resume Review)
— The 5-Step Consultation Series is a Weekly series designed to arm you with the strategies & tactics you need to evolve from ‘Hunting’ 2 ‘Hired’ in the most efficient timeline possible!  

• Ongoing Weekly Accountability Calls 
— Motivation & Encouragement designed to keep you FOCUSED throughout the Career-Journey!