The Career Strategist™ knows exactly what you WANT!

You WANT direction, a plan, and a strategy to follow which allows YOU to stay in control.

You WANT to follow a proven process and procedure.

You WANT to avoid ‘Hope’ as your sole strategy, because ‘Hope’ is not a strategy.

You WANT to reassure your spouse/partner/significant other that you have a plan and method to follow, with tangible results along the way!

You WANT to know that you have support and resources to assist you along your journey.

You WANT to find a position (that you will LOVE) in the most efficient timeline possible.

Your WANT to maintain your confidence, value, self-worth and self-esteem throughout the Hunting2Hired™ process.

Diane Wingerter, The Career Strategist, career strategy, job search, career transition

Services Include

• Resume Writing
— Crafting a powerful resume from scratch

— Review and revise an existing resume from ordinary to extraordinary!

• Persuasive Career Bio & LinkedIn Profile–Done For You!  
— 120-Minute Interview (Conducted in-person or via Zoom)
— 24-hour turnaround (Emailed to You the Next Business Day)
— LinkedIn Profile Updated and Edited for You within 48-hours (Your Career Bio & LinkedIn Profile must be consistent with the same messaging)

• 5-Week Individual Consultation Series (Includes the Persuasive Career Bio, LinkedIn Profile, and Resume Review)
— The 5-Step Consultation Series is a Weekly series designed to arm you with the strategies & tactics you need to evolve from ‘Hunting’ 2 ‘Hired’ in the most efficient timeline possible!  

• Ongoing Weekly Accountability Calls 
— Motivation & Encouragement designed to keep you FOCUSED throughout the Career-Journey!