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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Question:  How Do I Know Which Companies to Approach?    

Diane’s Answer:  Throughout the propriety process, you will be shown the art of matching yourself with prospective employers.  You will also be taught how to uncover and identify positions and opportunities before they are uploaded or posted onto Career Job Boards and throughout Cyberspace, thus minimizing your competition before the game ever begins!!!! 

Common Question:  How Do I Know If a ‘Career Strategist’ Knows What THEY Are Doing?

Diane’s Answer:  Ask a Career Strategist, Career Coach or Outplacement Service how many individuals they have personally hired throughout their professional career.  Until someone has served as the decision maker and has sat in the hiring seat, they are not qualified to help people with this journey.  I’ll give you a parallel scenario.  Would you rather take advice from a Business Coach who has studied how to run a business or take advice from a Business Coach who has personally owned multiple businesses?  Practical, hands-on experience is worth its weight in gold.  Textbook is just that–theory and hypothesis–which provides knowledge and conjecture–whereas, experience provides undeniable wisdom. There is a difference!


Common Question:  How Much Should I Expect to Earn in Annual Salary?

The Traditional Answer:  This is based on 4 Factors–Industry Standards, Number of Years in the Industry, Education and Track Record (accomplishments). 

Diane’s Answer:  Yes, the above Factors cannot be dismissed, BUT consider the importance of your COI (Circle of Influence) Factor.  Most people fail to recognize its power.  Your COI is comprised of close colleagues, business partners and mentors with whom you surround yourself, on a consistent and ongoing basis. 

Common Question: How Long Will It Take To Find A Position?

Diane’s Answer: The timeline is dependent upon the SALARY of the position which you want to obtain.  For every $10,000 in salary you want to earn, expect for it to take ONE MONTH to obtain that position.  For example:  If you desire to earn $80K per year, then on average it will take you 8 months.  If you desire to earn $120K per year, then on average it will take you 1 year.  If you desire to earn $180K, then on average it will take you 18 months.