How to Avoid Scams While Finding Work – Part 2

Since millions of Americans are seeking jobs, there has been a recent  surge in scams linked to the job search and hiring.  Some of these seem more obvious than others, but when you are trying to get back to work, you are more vulnerable–and that is what the ‘scammers’ are relying on.  Keep these 5 tips in mind so you don’t fall prey to their on-line tactics.

1)  When reviewing job sites be careful that it is a legitimate site. There are trusted sites for government jobs ( as well as non-government jobs.  The Department of Labor sponsors which lists hundreds of thousands of jobs and provides links to employment and training programs in each state.  Among private sites,,,, and are legitimate sites.

2)  Always do your research before you apply for a job, particularly if you found the position on a social networking site or in an online ad.  Search online for the name of the company plus the words “review,” “complaint,” or “scam.”  If you find nothing at all about the company or the opposite–numerous complaints about the company–you should move on.

3)  Never accept a check from a company before you actually go to work for them.  Usually that is a sign of a scam–so don’t deposit the check.

4)  There has been an influx in people filing fake unemployment claims using the names and personal information they have stolen.  It is a huge national problem, and it is slowing the benefits to those who rightfully are waiting on their unemployment benefits.

5)  If you find out someone has filed a fake unemployment claim in your name, it probably means someone has stolen information like your Social Security Number and Date of Birth.

I trust this is helpful information–stay tuned next week as we ‘Determine the Perfect Career for YOU’

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