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What is the Cover Letter Designed to Uncover?

For some reason, the purpose of the ‘Cover Letter’ seems to be a topic of controversy and one sees several opinions when it comes to the do’s and don’ts of your Cover Letter.  Since I operate from a ‘sales & marketing’ mindset–and the fact of the matter is we are ‘selling’ is YOU, I treat […]

Incorporate The Power of Volunteering

Regardless if you are a seasoned professional, adult learner or traditional college student, it is critical that you realize the Power Of Volunteering!  It will enhance your experience, expand your network and allow you to make meaningful connections, which could pay off in your future. In general, volunteering is good for your community, but the […]

How To Address The Unpleasant Question — What Was Your Reason For Leaving?

The reality is not everyone is going to work at the same company for 35 years and retire from there!  So, the ‘reason for leaving’ question will ultimately come up during the interview process.  Leaving a position on ‘good terms’ and with ample notice is what happens in the perfect world, but as we all […]

Marketing Tools To Sell YOU

Simply stated, the definition of ‘Marketing’ is having the right message, in front of the right person, at the right time!  When you are in Career Transition, this ‘Marketing’ definition translates into– Having YOUR clear message, in front of the right decision maker, in order to get the right offer!’ This encompasses a bevy of tools– which […]

Research is King

For a Career Search to be successful–which is way beyond just ‘getting hired’–realize that your key strategy at the onset is RESEARCH.  I define a ‘successful’ Career Search as one that lands you a position with a COMPANY you Love–reporting to INDIVIDUALS you admire– PERFORMING the type of work which you Love–and receiving adequate COMPENSATION […]

Your Professional Attributes

How you interact with others is critical from the initial onset of your Career Search and throughout the onboarding process. Below are 10 Tips to keep in mind–during your face-2-face interactions, phone calls, ZOOM calls, emails, and interviewing process.  Never forget that people may not remember everything you say, but they always remember how you […]

Determine The Perfect Career for YOU

You will spend 40-50 years of your life working–so, I trust that you agree–it is best if you LOVE what you do!  To narrow down the list of Careers and subsequent companies/organizations/entities to work at–first you must determine the Career which fulfills your heart, desires and dreams!  You are the only person who can feel […]