Determining Personas — YOURS and THE INTERVIEWERS!

Let me reference a line from the movie, ‘What Women Want’ to illustrate the concept of speaking another person’s language!  Bette Midler plays a counselor, who says, “If Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus and you speak ‘Venution’–then you are the luckiest man on earth.  Nick Marshall you can rule the world!”  […]

Tips on Virtual Interviewing

When you think of interviewing–keep in mind the philosophy of the ‘Home Court Advantage’–and how you fall prey to the Interviewer having the upper-hand!  What do I mean by the ‘Home Court Advantage’–it is the Advantage that the Interviewer typically has when conducting in-person interviews–as that scenario usually occurs on ‘their turf’ or in ‘their […]

Even MORE Resume Tips — What to Highlight — Experience Through References!

As shared within the past 2 blogs–the ‘job’ of your resume is to position and package your talents and your value in a manner which solicits the attention of the reader, in this case, a Hiring Manager or a C-Suite Decision Maker! Ensuring that your resume is seen by an actual human is the first […]

More Resume Tips — How Well is Your Resume Selling You?

Sitting in front of the computer–hour after hour–day after day–only to cut and paste your resume on every job board available to mankind is a waste of time!  In the long-run, putting yourself through this ongoing routine of submitting your resume, and then continuing to wait and wait–only to hear silence–is detrimental. It does not […]

How Well is Your Resume Selling You?

An upward of 80% of resumes are unseen by a human, so this is why I say, “Avoid The Submit Button” as your sole career strategy.  Unfortunately, Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) have become the norm, so a keyword-rich document is critical to your career search–if you intend to utilize on-line portals as your main strategy […]

What is the Cover Letter Designed to Uncover?

For some reason, the purpose of the ‘Cover Letter’ seems to be a topic of controversy and one sees several opinions when it comes to the do’s and don’ts of your Cover Letter.  Since I operate from a ‘sales & marketing’ mindset–and the fact of the matter is we are ‘selling’ is YOU, I treat […]

Incorporate The Power of Volunteering

Regardless if you are a seasoned professional, adult learner or traditional college student, it is critical that you realize the Power Of Volunteering!  It will enhance your experience, expand your network and allow you to make meaningful connections, which could pay off in your future. In general, volunteering is good for your community, but the […]